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Complexion between the ages of 40 - 60 years old

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For any woman, turning 40 marks the beginning of a series of undesired skin changes. The complexion loses its shine, wrinkles grow deeper and, sometimes a double chin seems to grow instead. In order to choose the best solutions to diminish this aging signs it is important to understand what goes on biologically with our skin:

Perimenopause and menopause gradually setting in determine estrogen level drop.
Collagen and sebum secretion drop. Loss of elasticity and a dryer complexion is the immediate result of this.
The layer of fat underneath the skin thinners and as a result we have the "drop" of skin.
Melanocitar system dysfunction result in depigmantation specific for this age: yellow or brown spots on the arm exterior and other lighter spots on legs.
Skin regeneration capacity is noticeably slowing down and consequently, healing becomes slower.

To these physiological aging causes external causes are added playing an important role in age acceleration:
Unprotected exposure to the sun, resulting in photo induced aging.
Pollution: dust or toxic fumes degrade the hydrolipidic layer of the skin, resulting in irritation, rashes, and allergies.
Smoking prevents skin from breathing, resulting in dehydration, less nutrients to feed the skin, yellowish coloration.

Regardless of the type of complexion hydrating products are needed at this moment to stimulate the collagen secretion and to tonify the skin. All types of complexion begin to suffer from dehydration and dryness. If this could be regarded as a benefit for oily complexions, dry complexions are seriously affected. This is why daily routine needs to be changed beginning with this age: oily complexions should cut down on degressive and hydrating products while complexions already affected by dryness should go for more moisturizing products.
At this age hydrating, regenerative and anti-wrinkle products are most indicated.

Here are some of the ingredients you should be able to recognize, playing a part in enhancing the overall look of the skin.

  • For hydration: bialuronic acid, liposomes, ceramides, low concentration AHA's;
  • For collagen synthesis: vitamin C;
  • For cellular regeneration:vitamin A derivatives, 20% to 60% concentrated AHA's, phytoestrogens.

Daily routine

Daily routine in this case isn't much different from other complexion types. Daily cream, eye gel and sunscreen are mandatory. Do not forget: neck and cleavage, so far neglected, become first messengers of the true age, therefore deserve the same kind of attention as face skin. A natural anti-wrinkle face mask is needed once a week (honey, carrot, etc).

Cosmetic treatment

Cosmetic treatment is recommended once every three weeks; this is aimed to tonify with the help of massage and other anti-wrinkle products. Pay attention to massage movements, as skin turns thinner and more fragile with the years and violent touch could damage skin matrix as well as face muscles.

Major problem: pigment nevians

More often than not, at this age, pigmentary nevians become a significant skin problem. They are multiply determined: prolonged sun exposure, skin degenerative processes and redistribution of melanicites. It is vital to recognize this type of lesions, as in some cases they may become of a precancerous nature. Malignity possible clues include asymethry, irregular ends, and a diameter larger than 6mm and color variations. Any of these clues should be grounded reason for anyone to ask for doctor's help.

At this age, there are 3 essential things to consider:

  • Hydrating, hydrating, hydrating
  • Sun screen
  • Stay active and keep exercising, because these activities reflect in the way your skin looks
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Reader comments on : 5 (1 reader comment)

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Inspired classification

Reviewer: Dina , 2007-01-31

I find it more than inspired to have an article classifying skin ages and appropriate treatments. Itís been hard to find the suitable remedies for my skin, but I got a clear picture now of what there is to be done. Thanks

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