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Alli: Am I Ready?

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Wanting to lose weight and being ready for it are two different things. First of all, Alli is not for everyone. Secondly, Alli is all about committing to achievable targets through accessible means. Alli is more than just a pill; it is an ensemble of medical, moral and nutritional support meant to offer healthy long term results.

Alli challenges you to a six question test called the readiness quiz, which will introduce you to most important things about Alli and will help you decide whether you are prepared to begin losing weight with Alli. Further testing includes a series of self-assessment food questions.

Using the Body Mass Index tool you may find whether your weight is in a healthy range and how many pounds you should lose. The BMI calculates proper weight depending on your personal features including height and weight.

You are both the instrument and the target of the Alli plan. That is, you are trained and informed on all you need to do to change your weight aiming to have you as a healthier and better looking individual. It is important not to use Alli just for mere curiosity. Being prepared is the key starting point. In other words, if you donít feel youíre up to a low calorie and low fat diet, exercise and a certain meal schedule, donít bother trying Alli because it wonít offer optimum results. If you do feel it is time to commit to a healthier nutrition with visible effects, however, let Alli be your main support.

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