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Customers reviews on Amatokin: 4 (30 customer reviews)

Type:Anti Aging/Skin Care
Action:Eliminates deep wrinkles, Renew the old skin, Reduce photo-aging skin discoloration, Improve skin appearance using the latest stem-cell technology
Presentation: pump-bottle 1oz/30ml
Product details

Amatokin- product details:

Voss Laboratories brings Amakotin, the most powerful anti-aging product to the American Market. This revolutionary anti-aging cream, which contains a unique polypeptide compound, controls the power of your own skin stem cells to renew old skin and make it look young. The power of Amatokin comes from stem-cell technology: first stem-cell researches were initially developed somewhere near St Petersburg, Russia to help people suffering from severe burns heal faster.

Amatokin benefits:

  • The most powerful anti-aging product controls the potential of your own skin stem cells to diminish serious wrinkles
  • Eliminates deep wrinkles, having a long lasting effect
  • Renews old skin making it look younger.
  • It is highly efficient ‘barrier-neutral’ pomade
  • It is the most efficient anti-aging cream ever

Amatokin review(s):

Customers reviews on Amatokin: 4 (30 customer reviews)

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Amatokin review rating 5 out of 5 Marshalls ladies

Reviewer: Anonymous, Delaware, 50, 2010-01-13

I just found 3 bottle of this sitting on the shelf in Marshalls for $14.99 a bottle. I stocked up on all 3 bottles. I'll write a review when the bottles are all empty.

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