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Lippies by Bare Escentuals

Lippies by Bare Escentuals

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Customers reviews on Lippies by Bare Escentuals: 4 (2 customer reviews)

Type:Lips/Skin Care
Action:Hydrates, Treat Chopped lips
Ingredient(s):Extracts Of Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Aloe , Shea Butter, Coconut And Jojoba Oils
Presentation: lip stick .05oz/1ml
Product details

Lippies by Bare Escentuals- product details:

Lippies by Bare Escentuals is a natural lip moisturizer providing lips with hydrating, emollient and antioxidant agents. The balm aims to protect and treat lips against photo damage, aging, slow cellular turnover and dehydration.


  • Extracts of olive oil, vitamin E, aloe and shea butter are destined to provide lips with softness and elasticity
  • Smoothness is provided by coconut and jojoba oils
  • Harmed and chapped lips are treated with the help of the grape seed oil extract contained by the lip balm
  • Lippies are only softly tinted in natural shades of pink and beige, adjusting to every day common situations.

How To Use Lippies by Bare Escentuals

Lippies can be used as base for lipstick or tinted lip gloss, but also by itself, as often as needed and more frequently on dry and chapped lips.

Lippies by Bare Escentuals review(s):

Customers reviews on Lippies by Bare Escentuals: 4 (2 customer reviews)

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Lippies by Bare Escentuals review rating 5 out of 5 I like Lippies

Reviewer: Linda, 40, 2007-07-05

I like Lippies by itself. It has a smooth natural glow and keeps lips from dehydrating effectively. I only apply it 2-3 times a day and works great. I also tested it on the beach and I was very satisfied!" Linda, 40

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