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Best Watches Ever

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Posted on: 2007-05-31 by Consuela Taisia

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A watch is a small portable timepiece that displays the time, and sometimes the day, date, month and year. In the past, these often took the shape of pocket watches with or without a metal chain, precious or not, which today are seldom carried or worn. In modern usage, watch is usually a contraction of wristwatch, a term for the most popular style of timekeeping gadget worn on the wrist of the designated wearer.


Now we have cell phones… so, do we still need watches?

Even if cell phones seem to invade the world and also display the day, date, month and year, some of them being able to reset the time after radio waves and they do a lot of other things, I do believe people will keep wearing watches. At the end, is such a piece of jewelry!

Huge watches


Are watches still used?

The stores answer to this question with a large variety of watches having a different range of prices, from tens to hundreds and hundreds to thousands. They can be brand name or "no name" watches, they can be big or small, silver or gold colored even made from precious metals with precious stones. There are dress watches, fashion watches, sport or cool and many more.

I doubt it's someone able to say he/she never desired for A watch: a special one, an expensive one, or just a simple one. Let's take a look at Forbes "The World's Best Watches":

Cool Watches

Cool Watch - Tissot

T-Touch by Tissot (Swiss watch, starting price: $550)

Cool Watches - IWC

IWC Spitfire Chronograph Automatic (Swiss) – starting at $5,100

Cool Watch - Zenith

Grande Chronomaster XXT Open by Zenith (Swiss) starting at $6,900

Dress Watches

Dress Watches: - Hamilton Ventura

Ventura by Hamilton is an American dress watch starting at $495

Dress Watches: Cartier Roadster

Cartier Roadster by Cartier is a $3,950 French dress watch (and chronograph version starting at $6,000)

Dress Watch - Vacheron Constantin

Swiss Royal Eagle Day & Date is a $15,900 memorable Vacheron Constantin watch

Fashion Watches

Fashion Watch - Baume& Mercier

Swiss Baume& Mercier – Hampton City (starts at $1,795)

Fashion Watch - Panerai

Italian fashion watch: Luminor Base by Panerai (starts at $3,250)

Fashion Watches - Jacob&Co.

American fashion watch: Jacob&Co. Five Time Zone Watch – starts at $8,000

Ladie's Watches

Ladie's watches - Michelle

Deco Diamond by MW by Michelle (American ladie's watch) – model starting at $1,095

Ladie's watches - Jaegger-LeCoultre

Swiss Reverso Duetto by Jaegger-LeCoultre – price starting at $5,150

Ladie watch - Blancpain

Swiss Blancpain – Flyback Chrono starting at $8,600


Top Watches - Patek Philippe

Swiss Patek Philippe – Grand Complications 5059 (price starting at $45,500)

Top Watch - Audemars Piguet

Swiss Audemars Piguet – Royal Oak Day-Date starting at: $56,000

Top Watch - Girard Perregaux

Swiss Girard Perregaux – Vintage 1945 Tourbillon – price starting at an amazing $99,500

Sport Watches

Sport Watches - Suunto

X6-HR Finnish Suunto – a sport watch starting at $499

Sport Watches - Tag Heuer

Swiss Tag Heuer sport watch: the well-known 2000 Aquagraph starting at $2,650

Sport Watch - Breitling

Bentley Motors Chronograph by Breitling (Swiss), $5,470

To sum up:
  1. 12 out of 18 "The World's Best Watches" submitted by Forbes are Swiss watches. Not surprised, but surprised in fact that this list does not contains any Rolex or Omega watches.
  2. In order to have one of the "The World's Best Watches" you could pay as low as $495 for an Ventura by Hamilton, but the average price is $15,020
  3. Most expensive watch listed by Forbes: Vintage 1945 Tourbillon by Girard Perregaux (starting price at $99,500), but, if you want my un-experiented personal opinion, I'll rather chose a $500 T-Touch by Tissot or a 2000 Aquagraph by Tag Heuer at $2,650.
    How about you?
Huge watches
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Reader Comments:

Reader comments on : 3 (2 reader comments)

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Leave Rolex off

Reviewer: Ron , 44, 2009-03-11

Rolex does not publish the number of watches it produces. They have become so common place the are downright pedestrian. Leave Rolex off. Overpriced Cadillacs. GG all the way. Fine watches, but who hasn't seen a hundred in a year? Give me an Ikepod, or an Alpina, or an IWC. Now there is a watch company. By the way the spitfire starts at $3,500. The one shown has the timer complication,


Reviewer: Anonymous , 2008-09-21

This list is strictly a "sticker shock" list. Propagating the idea that you have to spend a lot of money to get the "best". Most of the watches on this list look like something you'd see on a 90 year old man. And can the author even be taken seriously after leaving Rolex off the list? It's like writing up a best of article for exotic sports cars and leaving Ferrari off. It's just idiotic.

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