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Customers reviews on Hylexin: 3 (51 customer reviews)

Type:Eye Treatments/Skin Care
Action:Reduce dark circles, Reduce discoloration in the eye area
Ingredient(s):Chrysin, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide
Presentation: tube .78oz/23ml
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Bremenn Research Labs Hylexin(TM)

Bremenn Research Labs Hylexin(TM)

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Hylexin- product details:

Hylexin: best remedy for serious dark circles?

Hylexin was created to help you to dramatically reduce the appearance of serious dark circles. This is the first product on the cosmetic market that was specifically developed to succeed in making your dark circles disappear.

Hylexin gives you more than just beautiful skin! Hylexin regenerates it and increases the firmness of your skin giving it a more radiate skin tone. Your look will improve a lot, making you look years younger.

How Hylexin works?

Hylexin oxidizes the hemoglobin by optimizing enzymatic activity, making the red-blue pigmentation disappear.

It was also confirmed by the studies that Hylexin helps strengthen the capillary matrix, so your orbital eye area will be protected. Hylexin's key complex helps the discoloration disappear and strengthen the fragile capillaries.

Its formula also works to reduce capillary permeability, which minimizes the tendency of fragile capillaries to leak, and develop a better lymphatic circulation to reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.

Hylexin also nourishes the skin and evens out the skin tone. It also helps to smooth and support elastic texture and maintain a clear vibrant complexion.

Hylexin is a natural product, a cream that helps remove wrinkles and dark eye circles. It increases the firmness of your skin and produces a radiate skin tone. You will look better, and much, much younger!

Hylexin cautions

  • You may experience a moderate feeling of warmth, which is normal and is a sign that Hylexin begins to work.
  • Do not exceed three applications per 24-houre period.
  • Use carefully and in moderation. Hylexin is a concentrated formula.
  • Hylexin is for external use only.

Hylexin review(s):

Customers reviews on Hylexin: 3 (51 customer reviews)

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Hylexin review rating 1 out of 5 Zero Improvement

Reviewer: Anonymous, 55, 2011-04-06

I\\\'m taking it back to Costco for a refund. File under: too good to be true.

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