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Lumedia - Hyperpigmented Age Spots

Lumedia - Hyperpigmented Age Spots

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Customers reviews on Lumedia - Hyperpigmented Age Spots: 4 (7 customer reviews)

Type:Whiteners/Skin Care
Action:Skin lightener, Fade dark hyperpigmented areas, Prevent new spots
Ingredient(s):Hydroquinone, Water
Presentation: bottle 1oz/30ml
Product details

Lumedia - Hyperpigmented Age Spots- product details:

More and more age spots and hyperpigmented area on your face, neck and hands. More and more visible problems. Do you have the solution? If not, we present you:

Lumedia by Bremenn Research
Formulated to help reduce the appearance of
Hyperpigmented Age Spots

So, what is Lumedia?

Lumedia is an unique formula containing three powerful and active skin lighteners and working in reducing the melanin concentrations as well as melanin production.
What is so important to control melanin? Because melanin is the cause of dark spots.
Even more, Lumedia comes in two specialized formulations to best fight age spots:

  • Lumedia - Hyperpigmented Age Spots is an ultra-concentrated serum that reduce quickly the most stubborn age spots on your face,neck,arms,hands
  • Lumedia - Facial Brightener is a less-concentrated cream developed especially for overall facial brightening.

As you may imagine, best results are driven by simultaneous usage of both Lumedia - Hyperpigmented Age Spots and Lumedia - Facial Brightener.
The combination of the three powerful and active skin lighteners from Lumedia’s formula proven to be very effective with visible results in only 28 days.
Like Hylexin, Lumedia for Hyperpigmented Age Spots is specifically developed to treat your skin and to reduce the signs of aging. If Hylexin is special developed to treat dark circles around eyes, Lumedia seems to be the cure for hyperpigmented age spots, freckless and melasma.

How to use Lumedia for Hyperpigmented Age Spots?

For best results follow the recommendations exactly:

  • apply Lumedia twice per day on your clean and dry skin
  • massage gently, with circular motions until absorbed
  • use in small quantities, Lumedia for Hyperpigmented Age Spots is a concentrated formula!
  • apply only on hyperpigmented areas!
  • It is also recommended not to use Hyperpigmented Age Spots more then three time daily
  • For overall skin lightening you can use Lumedia Facial Brightener.

Lumedia - Hyperpigmented Age Spots review(s):

Customers reviews on Lumedia - Hyperpigmented Age Spots: 4 (7 customer reviews)

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Lumedia - Hyperpigmented Age Spots review rating 5 out of 5 Esna

Reviewer: Esna, 2010-11-15

Lumedia FaceBrightner is amazing!!!! I dont know what ut does but Im addicted, and the reviews in other sites say the same as I do. I dont hear as many giod tgings about Lumedia spot treatment but Ill hive it a try. I know some great spot creams if anyone is in serious need email

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