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Who is authorized to perform palmtherapy?

Palmtherapy can be applied by common individuals only on a limited range of emotional issues, generally the ones dealing with social life improvement such as human relationship, communication, human magnetism or charisma. Necessary information is found in Moshe Zwang's "Palmtherapy: Program Your Mind through Your Palms". Serious affections like traumatic memories, anxiety or phobia are treated by certified palmtherapists who are trained and examined by the International Palmtherapy Association (IPTA), located in California, USA.

It is not indicated to apply palmtherapy on yourself without proper training or use palmtherapy as a substitute to medical diagnosis or treatment.

Certified Palmtherapists List

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Galit Hod, MBA

International Palmtherapy Association (IPTA)
Phone: Phone (Voice Mail): 03-5221897, 03-6768271

Shirley Zwang, Attorney

International Palmtherapy Association (IPTA)
Phone: Phone (Voice Mail): 03-5221897, 03-6768271

Tali Hod Leibovitch, Attorney

International Palmtherapy Association (IPTA)
Phone: Phone (Voice Mail): 03-5221897, 03-6768271

Palmtherapists Directory at

List of palmtherapists ordered by country

Michael Christian Schmid, Germany, Bodenseegebiet/Singen
Dr. Haim Oron, Israel, Tel Aviv
Ilse Scarpatetti, Switzerland, St. Gallen
Fabienne Marneau, CH, USA, California, Lake Forest

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Moshe Zwang's seminars include both theoretical and practical training and locations include USA and Western Europe.

Basically, anyone interested in studying palmtherapy and becoming certified therapist may beneficiate from Zwang's 5-day learning program and get tested by the IPTA. Seminars, books and videos are available for educational support.

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This article is rated: 5 out of 5palm and much more
Comment added by:star, new york, 40 years; 2009-12-11

why you only talk about palm and not about tat therapy eft therapy ,is still due to get known

This article is rated: 4 out of 5Any palmtherapist in Albania?
Comment added by:Thalymahal; 2007-06-21

I am interested in finding an practitioneer in Albania. Please contact me with more info.

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