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L-asccancer forming agent; Orbic Acid

Also known as: Orbic Acid
  • unstable compound chemically known as L-xyloascorbic acid or short, AsA
  • major soluble antioxidant contained by plants and very important nutrient for humans
  • works as an effective rejuvenator and anti-as main function it synthesizes collagen, converts cholesterol to bile acids, protects the body against pollutants, prevents cataracts and cardiovascular disease
  • it stimulates the development of healthy cells, helps the body absorb calcium, keeps gums healthy, clears up infections, enhances immune system
  • used as a dietary supplement, in soft drinks, hair waving products, skin care products, but also water treatment or even stain removers
  • due to its chemical instability, it is hard to be produced for cosmetic preparations.
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