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  • ts. compound consisting of amino acids chemically linked together by peptide collagen levels
  • work as muscle relaxers and reduce the muscle contraction by inhibiting bonds
  • most popular cosmeceutical peptide is Matrixyl or Pal-KTTKS
  • regulate and boost acetylcholine binding
  • used as innovative ingredient in skin function modulating produc


  • chemically known as palmitoyl-pentapepetide 3
  • cosmetic active ingredient derived from a modified chain of five amino acids
  • effectively improves wrinkle appearance without causing skin irritation
  • used in anti-wrinkle cosmetics.

Phyto-Chemical Concentrates

  • chemical constituents of plants part of its defense system, others than proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals used in human nutrition
  • enhance overall health
  • act as detoxifying agents, antioxidants, cardiovascular supporters and hormonal balancers
  • used in nutrition supplements with overall action.


  • protein compound releasing muscle micro-tensions and inhibiting fine lines by blocking nerve impulses involved in muscle contraction
  • smoothens and rejuvenates skin appearance
  • used as active ingredient in anti-wrinkle creams.


See Vitamin B6
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