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Elixir of Life

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Posted on: 2007-09-17 by Consuela Taisia


The idea of holding back the years, which is a goal to reach by many people it become a reality in a simple injection.

Scientific researches are developing a treatment that could eradicate the health problems associated with ageing.

What is the "Elixir Of Life"

The research is targeting mitochondria, the "powerhouses" found in most cells of the body, which turn the food we eat in energy used by brain, heart, muscles and every other part of the body.
The deterioration of these cellular power plants is the main cause of aging according to a report in New Scientist magazine.
Mitochondria have their own DNA, known as mitochondrial DNA, which is inherited from the mother only. The deterioration of this mitochondrial DNA is the cause for a variety of rare genetic diseases, including blindness, some forms of diabetes and heart disease.
Fixing the problem by inserting healthy DNA into mitochondria - a technique known as gene therapy didnít give any results, the fresh genes remaining outside the targeted area.

That's why French scientist developed a new method of labeling the fresh genes to guide them inside mitochondria, to repair the damage, which can cure a rare form of blindness or other form of disease.

Gene therapy

The same approach could be used to slow down the ageing process, labeling the fresh genes to target the damaged mitochondrial DNA, which accelerate the aging process, with an injection.
The leading British expert on mitochondrial disorders, Professor Patrick Chinnery is optimistic regarding the possible efects in slowing down ageing.
&There is no treatment for these diseases, so any advance is clearly of great interest."

Gene therapy could be a new hope for a range of serious illnesses, from cancer to Parkinson's disease, without any side effects.
A recent study showed that injections of new genes into the brain significantly helped relieve the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.
The Elixir of Youth can be a simple injection and be the answer to a lot of unsolved problems, being a cure for many diseases and help us to reach our goal of holding back the years as long as possible.

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