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CHI Ceramic Flat Iron (original model)

CHI Ceramic Flat Iron (original model)

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Customers reviews on CHI Ceramic Flat Iron (original model): 4 (2 customer reviews)

Ceramic flat iron
Hair Type: Short to Medium
Plate Width: 1.00 in
Weight: 2.00 lbs
Temperature: adjustable
Safety Feature: Circuit breaker for safety
Space age installation = heat is only produced to the ceramic plates
Exterior will be only warm, not hot
Power 25
Warranty 12 months
Product details

CHI Ceramic Flat Iron (original model)- product details:

Would you like to never worry again about the aspect of your hair? CHI Ceramic Flat Iron by Farouk system is the solution.

The ceramic plates maintain even temperature all the time and produce negative ions. The hair's color is safe with CHI, since it holds down the fading.

You can use Farouk Chi ceramic flat iron to prepare dry hair cuts, to make your hair straight, but also for flips or curls. It has a circuit breaker for safety, and you will not get burned because the heat is only produced to the ceramic plates, so the exterior will not be hot, only warm.

Chi flat iron is an energy saver as it uses only 20-25 watts of electricity.

CHI Ceramic Flat Iron (original model) review(s):

Customers reviews on CHI Ceramic Flat Iron (original model): 4 (2 customer reviews)

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CHI Ceramic Flat Iron (original model) review rating 3 out of 5 Burns hair easily

Reviewer: Anonymous, 2009-07-16

This flat iron straightens hair beautifully but also can burn your hair and lead to damage. There is no temp. control so it remains at a single constant temperature which makes it unsuitable for the finer hair types. Be careful for skin and ear burns as well. I've had a few painful ones.

CHI Ceramic Flat Iron (original model) review rating 5 out of 5 Chi flat iron: really works!!!

Reviewer: Andrea, California, 32, 2008-10-10

I got long and dry hair and it makes me sick knowing it becomes so dry after washing. Though I use conditioner to make it soft & manageable (as they use to say) but it's still dry & looks ugly. I love having long hair so I can do anything under the sun but having dry hair is not good. Then a friend recommend to use flat iron to make it manageable and look good. I had a second thought about buying one but when she let me use hers, the result was amazing! I went online to try buying one and I got my chi flat iron at beauty basic supply for only $82.99 and free shipping. They send it to me fast and accurate. I excitedly used it at once and I am so happy with the result. It makes my hair straight, shiny and manageable. I don't need to comb it every time but only once a day. The result was really amazing and it's worth buying one. I can even use it while my hair is wet. And it's still manageable till night. No need to use brush or comb, just a slide of my hand and it's back. I am very satisfied with this chi flat iron from

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