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16+ tricks to get your free holiday at the end of the year

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Posted on: 2010-01-12 by Consuela Taisia


How to get a Free Holiday

  1. OK, OK, you've heard this: Quit smoking! But if you smoke 1 pack/day, this is about $900 /year! And if your partner is smoking too, you spend at least $1500/year. (
  2. Shopping is not a hobby! Spend quality time with your family, run, go gardening, cooking or reading.
  3. Shop organized! Make a list! Shopping by the list cuts my final bill to 2/3. You'll get at least $50/month for your holiday - $600/year
  4. Use reusable cloth bags when you go shopping
  5. Try to go shopping no more then 1/week. Is less tempting
  6. Can't decide whether to buy something eye-catching you've seen at a store? Wait for 24-hours. Chances are you won't go back.
  7. If you still want that "something", check online first. This Calvin Klein Coat I found yesterday on my local Calvin Klein retailer with $190. Online is $70. And you know what? Another $120 saved!
  8. Shop online! Is cheaper, you don't get the shopping fever and it is impossible not to save at least $100/year. At you get great prices for a wide range of products from food to expensive juwelry, but other online shops also have great discounts.
    • Check on-line coupon sites before finalizing your transaction
    • Sign up for on-line deals even you hate spam, sometime is worth it
    • Don't be lazy, take that rebate! All you have to do is to sent together the rebate paperwork, receipts, and bar codes.
    • Go for discount shopping! You can get name brand products at Walmart prices. Just be prepared to buy this spring the boots you'll wear next winter and so on. There will be fashionable enough, good quality and not so expensive.
  9. Toss spare change into a jar on your desk. Believe me, one year later this means at least $400!
  10. Save energy where you can. I personally managed to decrease my electricity bill with about 25% last two month. Another $200 for my holiday!
    • Use CFL bulbs
    • Unplug things when you aren't using them (85% of the energy is used by standby home-supplies)
    • Lower your thermostat 1 degree! You wouldn't feel it, but it reduce the bill up to 5%
    • Make sure your home is well insulated or you'll loose up to 20% of heat
    • Wash your clothes in cold water and only when is full
  11. Cut back on your food costs. You can get up to $500/year
    • Dried beans are much cheaper than canned. Home-made chicken soup is cheaper, healthier and tastes better.
    • Cook from time to time. Guaranteed is cheaper then ordered food.
    • Use coupons! Coupons are money in your pocket. Get free samples in the mail. You can get free samples for shampoos, food items and more.
    • Quit buying bottled water. Use a water filter and you will quickly recoup the costs and will have less waste. And save.
  12. Save on cleaning: save at least $50/year
    • Use old t-shirts or towels instead of buying cloth rags or paper towels
    • Recycle and cut down on your garbage bill (fewer pick-ups, less money spent)
  13. Deposit your paycheck directly to savings rather than to your checking account. You can transfer money to pay your bills, but you'll think twice about withdrawing additional cash.
  14. Make sure you are getting all of the discounts you are entitled too for your insurance: if you have a home security systems then get a discount on your homeowners insurance.
  15. Pay your bills online. Is cheaper and faster. Paying an average on 6 bills/month and saving about $.4 for each will get you an extra $28 at the end of the year.
  16. How about your TV bill? Do you really need so many channels? Switch to a cheaper cable/satellite package. You can save at least $50/year.

To sum up, at the end of the year you'll have at least $3548 saved! (or, if you are a non-smoker $2048). Now, all you have to do is to go to and choose your destination.
It's free!

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