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Green Tea benefits

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Posted on: 2006-06-22 by Consuela Taisia

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Green tea is obtained of steamed tea tree leaves, not fermented, like black tea or oolong.

The extract of green tea has a rich content of polyphenols, a form of bioflavonoids, determining taste and biological action. Polyphenols contained by the green tea extract are known as catechins and the dominant catechin is called Epigallocatechin Gallate or simply EGCG.

EGCG has a powerful antioxidant action capturing free radicals and pro-oxidants. To have a picture of how strong an antioxidant EGCG is compared to Vitamin E it is up to 200 times more effective in neutralizing free radicals attacking lipids in the brain and 20 times more effective in reducing formation of peroxide.

Green tea fights cancer!

Due to its antioxidant action, green tea extract is one of the most powerful substances to fight many types of cancer. Studies developed on Japanese and Chinese traditionally green tea consumers have shown that EGCG "forces" cancerous cells to "commit suicide", medically known as "apoptosis".
In other words, EGCG (so green tea too) blocks the evolution of carcinogens and inhibits the enzymes causing tumor formation.

Green tea has anti-bacterial action!

Green tea extract also proved anti-bacterial properties.
Studies revealed that it is able to kill the deadly bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and the bacteria responsible for acne eruptions. This is why green tea extract is a desirable ingredient in acne treatment lotions.

Green tea and Cosmetic Industry!

In the cosmetic industry, green tea extract is used especially for its unbelievable power of fighting free radicals and prevent aging signs.

1 to 4 cups a day are recommended to maintain elastic and smooth skin and shiny and healthy hair. Moreover, green tea effectively acts against digestive and respiratory infections.

How to use green tea?

Firstly, note that decaffeinated green tea is also available, but not as effective as in natural state.
Milk also diminishes its benefits.

Use it daily, 1-4 cups/day, and soon you'll notice improvements in your overall health. You can also substitute coffee and drink only green tea, since will do the same as coffee but with no side-effects.

When prepared at home, green tea shouldn't be added to boiling water, but to hot water to maintain its properties.

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Reader Comments:

Reader comments on : 5 (2 reader comments)

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LiptonOriental gree tea

Reviewer: Evany998 , 2007-02-07

If you are a tee-lover, I recommend you to try Lipton Oriental Green Tea, has the best flavour I've ever tried!

Great natural remedy

Reviewer: Anonymous , 2006-07-30

I agree, green tea is a great remedy. I drink between 3-5 cups/day and I feel better then ever. You can use it as your daily "coffee" and to loose weight. Great tea!

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