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Guerlain is among the oldest perfume houses in the world. It has a large and loyal customer following, and is held in high esteem in the fragrance industry. Perfumes by Guerlain are inspired by the scent of confections, as a result of a common vanilla and amber accord in many of their fragrances. This unique attribute is often referred to as the "Guerlinade".A perfume by the same name was launched by Guerlain in 1921.
Since Guerlain company was founded in 1828 by Pierre-Francois-Pascal Guerlain, more then 625 fragrances have been created, most. Famous perfumes from Guerlain includes: Jicky (1889), Après L'Ondée (1906), L'Heure Bleue (1912), Mitsouko (1919) and Shalimar (1925).

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