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Bad Breath home remedies

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Posted on: 2010-09-10 by Tori P


Bad Breath home remedies

Here are bad breath remedies I've tried during the last years. All are working relatively well. Most of all I like the first one. Good Luck.

Ingredients: lemon juice and honey (fresh)

Instructions: The fresh lemon juice mixed with one third spoon of honey should be taken before going to bed or after getting up from the bed as it helps to remove the bad breath. Honey is very good for health so lemon juice mixed with honey will give you not only fresh breath but also energy and a fresh feeling. Cayenne powder in the honey mixed lemon juice will add some extra flavor.

Ingredients: Listerine and tongue cleaner

Instructions: You can use mouth wash to remove the bad breath. Firstly you have to rinse with Listerine. Then use a tongue cleaner. Your tongue is responsible for the bad breath most of the times. You can use toothpaste in the tongue cleaner. Use the tongue cleaner with toothpaste to clean your tongue. A tongue cleaner can be found everywhere; even you can use your toothbrush as the tongue cleaner. After that, brush your teeth well and then use tongue cleaner again. You can rinse with mouthwash again. If you continue this for 2-3 days your bad breath will be removed. But do not forget to brush your teeth and clean your tongue regularly.

Ingredients: Tongue Cleaner, Water, Salt, Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

Instructions: Peroxide can be found in drug stores. First mix same amount of water and peroxide (one part each) with a pinch of salt and a pinch of baking soda. This mixture is a very good home made mouth wash. To add some more flavors you can add peppermint or sometimes oil. Clean your tongue with the tongue the tongue cleaner. Do not forget to brush your teeth. Gargle around 1-2 minutes with your mouthwash. Do this one or two times a day. Homemade mouthwash will help you to remove bad breath. You will never need to buy any mouthwash again. Moreover you will have fresh smile.

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