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Eye care exercises

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Posted on: 2010-04-19 by Terotury


Eye care exercises

Here are a few exercises I use every day

  • Raise your eyes to the ceiling and lower it down to the floor. Repeat 10 times. Rest the eyes either by blinking rapidly or by covering them with palms
  • Look straight ahead at eye level and then slowly to left and right. Repeat 3-4 times
  • Draw a circle with eyes first in clockwise then in the opposite direction. Repeat 5 times

Futuremore, follow a health routine for your eyes:

  • Vitamins A, B and C are essential for eye care. Carrots, parsley, celery and spinach contain very much vitamin A
  • An 8-10 hours sleep is absolutely essential for eye health.
  • Do not work in low light
  • Do not look any too long without blinking
  • Do not rub your eyes too hard
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