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Revitalizing home-made shampoo

found in Hair home remedies
Posted on: 2006-11-07 by Tony


This remedy is ideal for dry, dark colored hair.

  • 850 ml water
  • 3 teaspoons of withered sage
  • 3 spoons of scraped olive oil soap
  • 1 stirred egg

How to prepare this revitalizing shampoo:

Boil the water, add the sage, cover the mixture and let it boil at small flame for another 20 minutes. Strain the infusion and add the scraped soap. Continue to stir until homogenization. After it gets colder, gradually add the egg. The shampoo is poured into a bottle and left for 24 hours. Shake the content and mix it with normal shampoo before using it. For optimum result, wash the hair with one last mixture of 600 ml lukewarm water and 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar.

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