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10 natural remedies for dry, cracked lips

Posted on: 2010-06-10 by Madalina Dool

For dry, cracked lips, try from the natural remedies below.

  1. Grease the lips with low salt butter or butter cream.
  2. Rub lips with a slice of raw cucumber
  3. Mix 3 drops of rose oil with one tablespoon of corn oil and grease lips several times a day
  4. Grease lips with olive oil the cracked lips
  5. Cut a capsule of vitamin E and apply on cracked lips. The oil rich in Vitamin E will lubricate your lips.
  6. When you're cleansing your face and neck in the evening, do not forget about lips. Mix a day cream with vitamin A to nourish lips well.
  7. Honey does wonders, apply it on lips and massage gently
  8. Honey Propolis: Mix half a teaspoon of honey with three drops of propolis. It acts as a mask: it is benefic for cracked, dry or bleeding lips.
  9. Use olive oil mixed with honey to moisturize your lips,
  10. Apricot oil is also regenerating and hydrates in depth
  11. Consume plenty of fluids

If non of them works, then you only have to invest in a high quality moisturizing lipstick or lip balm:)

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