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Make your eye lashes grow

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Posted on: 2008-11-02 by Nafeesa

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Make your eye lashes grow

For longer eye lashes just get vaseline on your lashes every night. You will see the wonderful results in just a month. They will GROW. It works wonders. Try it out.

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Reader Comments:

Reader comments on : 4 (3 reader comments)

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Reviewer: Anonymous , 2010-04-06

you guys are ..., if you would do it the right way it would work. It really does work, i love vaseline!!!

Like they do on angus thongs

Reviewer: Anonymous , 2010-03-14

the chick on angus thongs done that but i think that idea iss just an old wives tale


Reviewer: Anonymous , 2009-09-10

I've tried last night, it was such a mess... Vaseline allover. maybe it works, but I don't do it again

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