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How Palmtheraphy works?

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Posted on: 2006-10-27 by Consuela Taisia


Palmtherapy is based on Moshe Zwang's decade long research, gathered in guidebooks, explanatory works, seminars and practice. Only certified instructors are officially allowed to practice palmtherapy. A list with their names and directions is available.

Basically, palmtherapy acts as a cognitive bypass, helping brain to rapidly and conveniently adjust to the unexpected and, thus, release frustration and insecurity caused by change and unpredictable in every day life. It consists in massaging the lines and areas in the palm according to the brain sector in treatment. For instance, if the palmtherapist is looking for an emotional effect over the patient, he massages the uppermost line in the palm, that of the heart, for 5 to 20 minutes. Love, forgiveness, compassion are some of the results that can be achieved in this manner. However, if the effect is destined to treat anxiety, childhood memories and phobia, brain line should be massaged within indicated coordinates. The selection of lines and areas and brain correspondents is made by certified palmtherapists.

Palmtherapy - Hand Chart
1. The Life Line
2. The Heart Line
3. The Head Line
4. The Apollo Line
5. The Fate Line

Palmtherapy - Hand Chart

The technique is also scientifically sustained. Beyond eye-witness testimonies to live representations, there are studies who certify chemical changes in the synaptic gaps occurring when skin is rubbed or stimulated in any other way. Consequently, endorphins are activated and pain is relieved. Further analyses in the brain structure and hand connectivity to it reaffirm Zwang's deductions.

Palmtherapy is completely non-painful and can be performed irrespective of time and place without any necessity to prepare the patient in advance.
In most cases, massage is done using the thumbnail; yet other stimulatory instruments may be used depending on the pressure indicated. Such instruments include the T.E.N.S. machine, which electro-stimulatory, or other non-sharp pointed objects.

T.E.N.S. machine
T.E.N.S. machine
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