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9 ways to get your husband giving you flowers on Valentine's Day
(although none worked for me)

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Posted on: 2007-02-14 by Consuela Taisia


When was the last time your beloved husband come home with flowers for you? If the answer is "I don't even remember", try one of the following (you may be luckier then I, since I am still waiting that day):

I want flowers
  1. Start subtile: "Today, at my office, a friend complained her husband has no idea what her favorite flowers are. This is quite bad. I'm sure this can not happen to me". It can be too subtile, so keep going to Step 2:
  2. "Oh, he gave her flowers, so romantic ..." when you are watching a movie or this is really happens to your friends/relatives. Probably would not work, too, so:
  3. "Oh, darling, I've read today Julia Roberts received ten dozen long-stemmed roses from her boyfriend. This guy really love her". I advise you to skip this part, you may end up with a line like "Yes, but you are not Julia Roberts!". Step 4:
  4. "Thank you, darling, this dinner was amazing. And thank you for ironing my shirt in the morning, too" - him says. "My pleasure, darling. But you can turn the favour and bring me a rose tomorrow" - I say. The fact is, tomorrow I'll cook the dinner again, then I'll wash the dishes and so on. In the meantime, he'll not remember about that rose. But keep doing so for a couple of weeks, who knows? If this doesn't work, too, go next:
  1. "I read today that persons bearing gifts more often are living longer." This is really true, I've read a research form a British college, I don't remember the name now. Whit this one I was really close. He told me he will care more for others from now on. But no flowers yet, so:
  2. If you had no success whatsoever it's time to face a one-to-one talk: tell him you like flowers and it is extremely unkind not to receive flowers. Tell him plain you'll like to receive flowers on your birthday, important anniversary, on Valentine's Day and even without a special occasion. Be calm, but firm. Explain why you desire flowers. Ask him kindly to put a little more effort in your relation. Theoretically this shall be the best way to solve the issue. Unfortunately, this isn't work in my case, so I moved to the next step - 7:
  3. On the way home treat yourself with a nice, big bouquet. Then go home smiling: "Look, I did received flowers today at work. So nice. This made my day!" and avoid giving him more details. He may be jealous, so, who knows ...
  4. Go direct: "Tomorrow is the Valentine's Day. I do expect form you flowers and a hart-shaped chocolates box, please". If he will forget about this, too, is quite bad. Try one more:
  5. Make a scene: on Valentine's Day, when he come home without flowers and gifts, as usually, don't leave it this way. Say it! Say it loud and clear! If you've get so far on trying and trying, so he deserve to be hurt. Tell him you are disappointed. Tell him how horrible you feel he didn't care for you or your relation. Probably he'll pick up the coat and go out for flowers, if isn't too late. Anyway, the day is ruined. Be prepared for this.

I'm running out of ideas and Valentine's Day is over. My last attempt: revenge. This is way I am writing this article. I do hope at least one of them could work for you.

Love and flowers

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