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9 easy tips from Dr. Dennis Gross

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Posted on: 2008-04-24 by Consuela Taisia


9 easy tips from Dr. Dennis Gross to help us all look younger longer:

Dr. Dennis Gross
  1. Before applying makeup
    use chelators-based products. Heavy metals contained in our tap water (such as iron, zinc, copper, lead and magnesium) can lead wrinkles or skin inflammation.
  2. Always remove makeup before going to bed.
    When the face is loaded with make-up, dust and other impurities, during the night when our face sweats and produce more oil, pores and oil glands could clog creating the right environment for bacteria to grow and skin breakouts.
  3. Switch to satin pillowcase Changing your regular pillowcase with satin to reduce friction on the skin while sleeping. Over time the friction and the persistent pressing of our face into a cotton pillowcase will cause trauma. This trauma can create permanent damage as the collagen breaks down.
  4. Do Not Smoke!!!
    Try not to smoke or reduce it to the minimum and avoid sitting in places full of smoke. Exposure to cigarette smoke increase skin wrinkling and dryness by draining you body of Vitamin C, which is very important to keep your skin moist and plump.
  1. Know how to apply sunscreen:
    Apply sun protection one full inch into the hairline and to the back of your hands to avoid premature aging.
    Also, when self-tanning, do not consider your darker skin is protecting against the sun. Your skin it will burn as easily as before tanning.
  2. Exercise smart
    Reducing high endurance exercise or alternate routines to incorporate both high and low endurance exercise. Most runners have premature aging sings: lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. When the foot strikes the ground surface, the force of body weight bounces back off the ground and up into the body. Jostling can cause collagen breakdown besides the damaged joints.
  3. Travel with your home town water
    In order to prevent skin irritation and breakouts when go in different cities always travel with your home town water. The mineral composition of water can be very much different and could not agree with your sensitive skin, that is why it is recommended to not change the water to prevent any skin problems.
  4. Reduce puffiness under eyes
    White tea bags or frozen greens will help in reduce puffiness under eyes and swelling.
  5. Wear more color
    Wearing colored clothes or scarves - any color- instead of white, beige or black near your face can make you look well-rested, like you have been getting eight to ten hours of sleep every night.

From an interview provided by Dr. Gross to LoveToKnow Makeup
Read about Dr. Gross's biography here

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