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Posted on: 2006-12-09 by Consuela Taisia


This is a 10-steps DIY beauty treatment. Try to turn it into your daily routine. It takes only 15 minutes/day to take care of your general health and skin, and it worth.

Dairy product: milk and skin of milk
Fruit: orange or mandarin
Veggie: cucumber
Supplements: dregs (10g), 2 eggs, some fine sifted maize


  1. Cleansing: take 1 textile swab and then mix the milk and the its skin; remove impurities with circular moves, changing the swab every time it gets dirty - daily
  2. Completing cleansing: cleanse the face using linden or mint infusion at normal temperature - (daily)
  3. Vaporizing: dead cell removing: 1 stirred egg yolk, some drops of orange/mandarin juice and sifted maize are mixed until a pasta is obtained; apply it on the face and keep it until it dries out; remove the mixture by dipping fingers in the linden infusion. Do it 5 minutes twice a month or weekly if you are over 45
  4. Manual self massage: using fingers dipped into the skin of milk massage wrinkled skin areas with slow and soft moves; insist on areas with profound wrinkles or predisposition to wrinkling; cleanse the face with linden or mint infusion. Every evening, at 5-10 minutes.
  5. Mask: alternatively, use one of them:
    1 egg + 10g of dregs + the juice of half of wrung cucumber
    10g of dregs + 1 egg + 10-15 drops of orange/mandarin juice;
    the mask should be consistent like pasta; keep it on the face for 15 minutes and then remove it using infusion
    Use it weekly or 2/week if you are over 45
  6. Compresses: using proper lotion - alternatively, use one of them:
    the juice of half of cucumber + 30 ml (2 spoons) of orange juice or mandarin
    mint infusion + rosemary (a teaspoon of each plant in 300 ml of water)
  7. Toning and hydrating: 50-100 ml of mineral water mixed with 10-15 drops of mandarin/orange juice is sprayed on the face - daily

Additionally, YOU MUST

  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.
  • Have a healthy diet: avoid eat to excess. Learn to love fruits and vegetables.
  • Sleep. 8 hours/day are essential for a beauty, young looking skin.
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