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Pal-KTTKS (palmitoyl-pentapepetide 3)

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Posted on: 2006-10-12 by Consuela Taisia


Pal-KTTKS pentapeptide (a cosmetic ingredient obtained by mixing five amino acids) is used in decreasing wrinkles and photo-aging effects.
Once applied, the pentapeptide is well absorbed into skin where it boosts collagen, glycosaminoglycans and fibronectin production. The latter three substances, naturally secreted by human body, are main factors in enhancing a healthy, elastic and smooth skin matrix.

Pal-KTTKS in Clinical Studies

Clinical studies conducted on more than 200 women revealed that Pal-KTTKS is effective in:

  • decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • decreasing the appearance of dark circles underneath the eye area
  • decreasing the visibility of age spots
  • it has an important contribution in improving the overall facial skin appearance

More accurate biopsy studies were the topic of a second Pal-KTTKS clinical trial. Skin proofs were analyzed and results showed that Pal-KTTKS acted on wrinkle depth and skin density, as well as on general roughness of the face. It increased elastin fiber’s density and regulated collagen IV quantity at skin junction. The pentapeptide’s major benefit is that, unlike similar products, it is unbelievably well tolerated by the skin. Practically, it presents no irritation risk whatsoever. This fact places Pal-KTTKS based products in front of retinol or retinoids based creams and lotions appealing to a larger and more sensitive public lacking options in anti-aging skin treatment. As studies reveal it, the pentapeptide may result effective in less than four weeks’ time.

Pal-KTTKS and Strivectin-SD

One of the firsts cosmetic products using Pal-KTTKS as key-ingredient is Strivectin-SD from Klein-Becker. The list of products include Quintessence Q-Strixin Micro-Active Emulsion, Photolagen - AGF by AminoGenesis and DDF Wrinkle Relax, too.

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