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Palmtherapy FAQs

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Posted on: 2006-10-27 by Consuela Taisia


1. What is palmtherapy?
Palmtherapy is alternative treatment improving emotional balance and mental general condition by massaging specific lines and areas in the palm with specific intensity and frequency.

2. By whom and when was palmtherapy invented?
Palmtherapy was invented in 1985 by Moshe Zwang. However, it became really popular in 2000, when Zwang demonstrated its rapid efficacy in live demonstration on TV.

3. How fast does it work?
The time a patient feels a significant change in mood may differ from 5 to 20 minutes and up to 5-6 sessions, depending on how severe is the affection. Results were proved to be long lasting.

4. What is the hypothesis of the method?
Zwang considers the hand a miniaturized map of the brain similar to an energetic network which may be stimulated to obtain anticipated reactions. Palm areas are connected to the brain, and further, to feelings and states of mind which can be determined and reversed.

5. What is palmtherapy recommended for?
Palmtherapy has rapid influence on phobias, anxiety, severe fears, traumatic childhood or adult memories, grief and stress and helps the patient enhance improved social skills and communication, clearer thoughts, positive emotions and self confidence.

6. Which are the disorders palmtherapy cannot treat?
Palmtherapy isn't recommended in the treatment of psychotic disorders that require medical treatment and assistance, as well as in psychotic disorders caused by physical factors, such as thyroid imbalances.

7. Is palmtherapy the same with reflexology?
No, they are two different alternative therapies, both using hand as therapy mediator, but with different objective and focusing on different coordinates. Palmtherapy works on the outside of the palm by massaging certain areas for psychological results, while reflexology involves detecting specific energetic spots for physical results.

8. Who can become a palmtherapist and practice palmtherapy?
Anyone can study palmtherapy buying Moshe Zwang's publications and participating in educational seminars. Palmtherapy practice certificates are released by the International PalmTherapy Association in California, USA.

9. Is palmistry just another name for palmtherapy?
Palmistry and palmtherapy are not the same.
Palmistry, also known as chiromancy, palm-reading, hand analysis or chirology, is the art of foretelling the future and characterization through the study of the palm. Learn more about palmistry from
Palmtherapy is an alternative treatment improving mental general condition by massaging specific areas in the palm.

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