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Sovage Tummy Flattening Gel

Sovage Tummy Flattening Gel

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Customers reviews on Sovage Tummy Flattening Gel: 4.5 (2 customer reviews)

Type:Weight Loss/Skin Care
Action:Burns Fat
Presentation: tube 6oz/177ml
Product details

Sovage Tummy Flattening Gel- product details:

Sovage Tummy Flattering Gel is a powerful formula which delivers great results with ultra-concentrated Epidril to stubborn areas of dense abdominal fat, accelerating the breakdown of fat cells.

Sovage Tummy Flattering Gel called by some people "fat burning paste" is a fast concentrate penetrating gel, which targets fat with an inherent structural density.
The active ingredient Epidril is very effective to emulsify fat on contact making the "Tummy Pooch" easier to breakdown.


Before using, test it on a small area of your forearm.
If severe irritation/rash or itching occurs, discontinue use and call your physician.
DO NOT apply it to cracked or broken skin.
Not for use by pregnant or nursing women.
Avoid contact with eyes.
For external use only. Use only as directed.


Use Sovage Tummy Flattening Gel as directed and you will see dramatic, visible results in approximately 19 days. Nothing is more appealing than a flat, youthful, firm, trim tummy. And the quickest way to capture the perfectly sculpted abs is with the new super-concentrated Sovage Tummy Flattening Gel.

With all Epidril formulations, there are two cautions:
  • First, because Sovage Tummy Flattening Gel works by forcing stored fat out of abdominal fat cells into the bloodstream to be burned as energy, therefore you have to help burn off the released fat through exercise or decreasing caloric intake to avoid circulating fat to be re-deposited.
  • Second, DO NOT use more than the recommended dosage of Sovage Tummy Flattening Gel. Your body can not deal with that much released fat.

How To Use Sovage Tummy Flattening Gel:

Beginning with clean, dry skin, apply gel once or twice daily.
DO NOT use it more then twice in a 24-hour period.
Use a quarter coin size, which should be sufficient to cover your entire abdomen area. Energetically massage the gel on the target area for 45-50 seconds. The gel should be absorbed within 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, you may clean off any remaining excess with a clean, damp towel.

Sovage Tummy Flattening Gel review(s):

Customers reviews on Sovage Tummy Flattening Gel: 4.5 (2 customer reviews)

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Sovage Tummy Flattening Gel review rating 5 out of 5 This is the only sliming gel that works

Reviewer: salma sosa, Anchorage, Alaska, 35, 2010-05-26

sence I had my daughter 12 years ago I been trying different sliming gel and this is the only one that has work I been using it for 2years and now Im having a hard time finding it... please bring it back to Nordstroom soon or retail

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