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Major problem: acne

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Posted on: 2006-09-07 by Consuela Taisia

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90% of all persons in aged 15-25 suffer from juvenile acne.

Acne causes

Its causes include increased hormonal activity, sebaceous gland hyperactivity or hyperkeratinization (excessive keratinization, a process during which cells called keratinocits migrate towards skin surface and prevent normal peeling of the epidermis and elimination of other epithelial cells from the sebacuem follicle. In case of acne, this process seems to be influenced by increased hormonal activity).

Types of Acne

Accordingly to its severity, acne can be: comedonic, chistic, papulopustular or nodular.
Regarding the latter two, medical help is needed.

Acne Cure

In case of the first two (comedonic acne or chistic acne), cosmetic treatment is reccommended in addition to dermatological advice.
For papulopustular or nodular acne you must firstly consult your esthetician in order to start any treatment.

Acne Daily routine

Cleansing is necessary in the morning and before bed time using cleansing lotion conceived for acne complexion, followed by tonic lotion. A serum should be applied in the morning and before bed time to control sebum secretion, and cream or hydrating serum on the eye area. Sun screen is mandatory in the morning. In case of acneic complexion the extraction of comedones is forbidden at home. Avoid soap, products with high levels of alcohol and peeling products containing micro-grains (and also those who contain acids from fruits or enzymes if possible). For perfect hygiene it is recommended to use paper napkins instead of towels. A weekly exfoliation with products that contain fruit acids or enzymes followed by clay mask is needed.

Cosmetic treatment for acne-prone skin

Cosmetic treatment is mandatory once a week and its point is cleaning and calming of the skin. In addition, massage and lymphatic drainage can also be performed. Consecutive treatments can continue until results are visible and then it is up to the esthetician to determine their frequency. In severe cases, cosmetic treatment does not apply, and a medical exam is needed first.

4 essentials necessary for your skin health

  • always respect an expert's indications (doctor or esthetician) in order to take the correct product choices keeping in mind your type of complexion or other skin problems
  • don't use a product just because it was recommended by a friend; maybe she got great result but has a different kind of complexion
  • go to the cosmetician even if just to get a home treatment recommendation
  • don't forget this is the age when you develop such good habits which may help you look young for as long as possible
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Reader Comments:

Reader comments on : 3.5 (2 reader comments)

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30 and still I have acne problems

Reviewer: EDT.J , 30, 2007-06-21

I'm 30 and still I have acne problems. There is not a remedy for this? I wish so much t0o find one. If you know real, verified cure, please contact me.

Common tips

Reviewer: Merry , 2007-01-31

Didnít find anything spectacular in your tips, but itís nice though to have a recap.

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