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Tips on tomato juice

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Posted on: 2006-08-11 by Consuela Taisia

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The secret of tomatoes lays precisely in its color pigments related to that of carrots. The virtues of this great antioxidant have been demonstrated in hundreds of clinical trials. Scientists sustain it is enough to drink 2 glasses of tomato juice daily to take profit from the outstanding benefits of lycopene.
There are some of its effective therapies:

  1. fresh juice boosts sugar formation in the blood, acting as an excellent natural energizer when feeling exhausted
  2. contains antitoxic elements, protecting the liver and stimulating its activity
  3. fights negative effects of increased fat intake, otherwise rapidly absorbed by the body
  4. is an excellent remedy against sunburn: tomato slices applied on burned skin for 15 minutes decrease inflammation and accelerate regeneration; lycopene protects skin against bad UVs, reducing the risk of sunburn.

Even more important, it is proved that, by eating 2-4 servings of tomato (or tomato sauce/juice, if you prefer) per week, risk for prostate cancer is reduced by as much as 35%!

benefits of tomato juice

Lycopene? What is it?

What have in common tomato, watermelon and pink grapefruit? Yes, all are healthy and taste good, but, more then this, all are red. Responsible for this red color is Lycopene, a carotenoid that seems to be a valuable compound for a healthy diet. Tomato contains, per gram, more lycopene then any other vegetable or fruit.

Tomato: Nutritional facts (per 100g)

Calories: 21 kcal
Protein: 0.88g
Carbohydrate: 3.92g
Sugar: 2.63g
Fat: 0.2g

You may also want to know that:
Tomato gives you as much as 10% of daily dose of Vitamin A, 13% of Vitamin C, 1% of Iron and 1% Calcium.
more about tomato juice

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Reader Comments:

Reader comments on : 5 (5 reader comments)

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Red tomato juice for pink health

Reviewer: Charun Chungates , 2009-03-29

Tomato blended, sieved and refrigerated. Cheaper than the canned gunk you get at six times the price. It costs me 30 rupees (60 c) to make eight glasses of tomato juice. It costs me 180 rupees ($3.60) to buy it canned. And the homemade stuff kicks its ass. I'm thinking of starting with oranges very soon...

Daily tomato

Reviewer: gary melvin , nottinghamshire, 50, 2008-10-26

my first drink in the morning is a can of tomatoes put in a processor and made into juice.its the cheapest form of tom juice that you can buy. about 11p a pint. this together with a tin of unsalted filleted mackrel in sunflower oil makes the perfect start to the day


Reviewer: Lilnda Berg , Edina, Minnesota, 61, 2008-02-06

I love the taste of tomato juice, green tea, lemon juice

Great information

Reviewer: nicky , 42, 2008-01-30

I love tomatoes and iIam now drinking the juice freshly done every morning.. and I have seen improvement in the apperance of my skin.

I like tomatos

Reviewer: Anonymous , NY, 42, 2006-08-20

I very much like tomato, so if you say there is not problem getting fat and, moreover, it is healthy, it means I can eat as many as I want. Great!

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