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This year for Valentine's Day
Diamonds - still Girl's Best Friend?

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Because every year on Valentine's Day I have the feeling I choose the wrong present for my wife I decided this year to conduct a simple survey on this.
Thanks to my "subjects", my bellowed colleagues and friends, I've got this list with 41 entries for women and 10 for men.
You can read the "What women want for Valentine's Day" and
"What men want for Valentine's Day" lists below and then let's sum up a little bit.

What women want for Valentine's Day

  What gift do you expect for Valentine's Day What gift you are going to get for Valentine's Day Age
1 Chocolate Chocolate 26
2 Dinner (dinner to a fancy restaurant A pizza and a beer 26
3 Dinner (love and a romantic dinner ) Dinner (love and a romantic dinner ) 35
4 Dinner (Romantic dinner) Flowers and a romantic dinner
5 Dinner (romantic dinner) Flowers 38
6 Flowers Flowers 26
7 Flowers Flowers 51
8 Flowers Flowers 28
9 Flowers - living tulips Flowers 43
10 Flowers - Orchidss NOTHING 52
11 Flowers - red roses Roses 19
12 Flowers and a romantic dinner Flowers 31
13 Flowers, a purse and a romantic dinner A purse 33
14 Healthiness and Peaceful Flowers and a small gift 46
15 Hiking trip A barbeque with our friend 26
16 Holiday for two NOTHING 56
17 Holiday for two NOTHING 38
18 House Flowers 52
19 Jewelry(flowers and a bracelet) A kiss 38
20 Jewelry (flowers and earrings) A kiss 48
21 Jewelry Jewelry 33
22 Jewelry Jewelry 33
23 Jewelry Jewelry and a romantic dinner 33
24 Jewelry A kiss 43
25 Jewelry (gold jewelry) Gold jewelry 52
26 Jewelry (gold plated watch) Flowers 40
27 Lingerie Perfume 29
28 Mobile phone Flowers and a mobile phone 39
29 Mobile phone Flowers and candies 50
30 Perfume A surprise 38
31 Perfume Flowers and candies 24
32 Perfume NOTHING 34
33 Perfume (D&G Light Blue) Roses and chocolate 38
34 Perfume (Romantic dinner and a perfume) A romantic dinner and a perfume 31
35 Purse A walk in the park 31
36 Relaxing oil massage A romantic night 25
37 Remodeling my apartment Flowers 38
38 Rock'n'Roll CD Faithless CD 26
39 Shoes Clothes 35
40 Stuffed Animals Chocolate 26
41 Trip Perfume and flowers 40

What men want for Valentine's Day

  What gift do you expect for Valentine's Day What gift you are going to get for Valentine's Day Age
1 A beer in a pub A beer in a pub 32
2 A walk in a park Going out to a bar 29
3 Beer Beer 42
4 Beer Perfume 38
5 Hiking trip Have no clue 34
6 Kitchen robot A romantic dinner 40
7 Mobile phone Stuffed Toys 42
8 Mobile phone (Nokia N95) Sweets 27
9 Music system for my car Sweets 37
10 To win the lottery NOTHING 51

It is mandatory to bring flowers and not less important to reserve a table to a fancy restaurant (I doubt a cheap dinner will be considered "romantic dinner"). This way you'll perform well enough and wouldn't spend the next 3 weeks begging for forgiveness.

The cherry on top is, nevertheless, a piece of jewelry, probably most desired as the price goes higher. A less expensive alternative, as good as jewelry, is a good perfume. Worst case scenario you can choose some stuffed toys, a trip or a CD.

On the other hand, for a men best gift can be a beer as well as an electronic device.

When it comes about our expectations, most women get "a kiss", "flowers" or, much worst, NOITHING. Men know they will receive sweets, romantic dinners or, best of all, a beer in a pub.

I do not intend to give any advice, but I truly think we should not let this day pass by.

Much love and best Valentine's Day ever,

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